1.)  The action steps that I am implementing based on Ariel’s book are  gathering the info for making a proper press release on one sheet following her eight steps, thank you Ariel for shining the light & showing the way. I am researching about hiring a publicist & bio writer, meanwhile I am doing it internally so I can learn how to be my own, at least know what to expect from an external source. I am editing my website press kits & I am putting a printed press kit together to help present myself visually to future clients, I need to expand & complete my bio, photo, articles CD etc. I am making business cards, posters, flyers etc to add to the arsenal.

2.) The biggest breakthrough I have experienced is my elevator pitch. I am using it when I perform or meet people and it truly is amazing that when I walk into a venue that everyone is calling me Good Rockin’ Dan and remembering me. Life is goooood!

3.) The most significant week for me was week one and actually taking the challenge. I tend to scrutinize books and things like this as having little value after you purchase the service or book etc. A lot of the time you find more filler than thiller. When I hesitated three times and then decided to download the book, I started using the the write down 5 things I accomplished each day, my progress exploded, I continue to use this and believe it to be the best tool I have at my disposal, so simple and fruitful! Finally I have a working model and business plan to follow that is truly attainable. Thank you Ariel and SAC.

4.) Week 1: http://wp.me/p27tHb-3

Week 2: http://wp.me/p27tHb-h

Week 3: http://wp.me/p27tHb-9

Week 4: http://wp.me/p27tHb-1g

Week 5: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2g

Week 6: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2k

Week 7: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2C

Week 8: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2H

Week 9: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2L


Coming into the home stretch and using the whip more, I hope I don’t lose my grip. To build a paper funnel is easy to write intentional things down, but I would like to find things that actually work. I guess I need to build more product and have things to offer and then test and poll the group to see which one’s are most effective. Maybe I should just roll the dice or throw darts. Things I do have are my songs, myself and my inventiveness to add to things in the funnel and continue to continuum over the next 3 months and longer, adapting and growing along the way. After reading a lot of the other posts has helped me gather fresh ideas. Thank you everybody for your help! Now to jump in and get my hands dirty, back to woooooork!!! To think and put things into the funnel.

Well week 7 already. Time is racing on. I am going to connect with fans via a newsletter & survey. Well first I checked my analytics and found out that only 25% of my fans actually responded to my emails I sent them. This clearly indicates that everybody has very little time to interact, however, my spirit will be not broken as I tackle this new approach to success. Marching on and on!

Well this has been quite a ride trying to keep track of the new avenues I’m opening up. I feel like a pioneer on a new path leading somewhere somewhat akin to finding a new world to explore. I’ve added so many new outlets I’m starting to feel like an entrepreneur ( this is good). I’ve searched for blogs for so long and that the selection is so huge that I am getting the felling that this one looks good but that one looks better approach. Anyway I’ve picked five to follow for now and more to come. One difficulty that I’m having is when I link up accounts with facebook to twitter and other sites etc. that they are not all on the same communication page with each other and I’m finding more broken links to repair, so I have been doing a lot of re-tweeking. Well it’s back to work again, catch you in the blog smog somewher. Have great day!

To blog or b a log, that is the question. Well I watched the commoncraft videos about RSS & blogs and then I was off to the races. I added my blog log, google reader and friend connect (which is being replaced with Google +). I chose some blogs ( target is 50 ) ( in progress and adding to my blog roll ). Started my own blog on wordpress and on mybloglog. WordPress is linked to my reverbnation website. Now I am creating a video on my you tube channel for this week. OK back to work, oh I mean still at work.

Well this week I made plenty of progress. I’m keeping my hand on the plough. I’ve been getting more comfortable with this blogging thing and starting to enjoy the challenge. I’ve added a lot of social media as per the book by Ariel and feel like I have something growing and cooking and can’t seem to wait to taste the final recipe. The new things I’ve mixed myself into are: Tweet Deck, all things Flikr, Twitter Tweet FB, Selective Tweets, Facebook 2 You Tube, Facebook iLike app, delivr.net. moo.com, Music Alley. Now I have to get the orchestra to play in unison and I’m happy to be the conductor. That’s it for this week, now onwards & upwards!

Here is my elevator pitch which I have been putting it all over the sites that I have.

Named Good Rockin’ Dan

Where Rockin’ & Blues go hand-in-hand

Your feet will meet the dance floor

Come & get you won’t expect more