1.)  The action steps that I am implementing based on Ariel’s book are  gathering the info for making a proper press release on one sheet following her eight steps, thank you Ariel for shining the light & showing the way. I am researching about hiring a publicist & bio writer, meanwhile I am doing it internally so I can learn how to be my own, at least know what to expect from an external source. I am editing my website press kits & I am putting a printed press kit together to help present myself visually to future clients, I need to expand & complete my bio, photo, articles CD etc. I am making business cards, posters, flyers etc to add to the arsenal.

2.) The biggest breakthrough I have experienced is my elevator pitch. I am using it when I perform or meet people and it truly is amazing that when I walk into a venue that everyone is calling me Good Rockin’ Dan and remembering me. Life is goooood!

3.) The most significant week for me was week one and actually taking the challenge. I tend to scrutinize books and things like this as having little value after you purchase the service or book etc. A lot of the time you find more filler than thiller. When I hesitated three times and then decided to download the book, I started using the the write down 5 things I accomplished each day, my progress exploded, I continue to use this and believe it to be the best tool I have at my disposal, so simple and fruitful! Finally I have a working model and business plan to follow that is truly attainable. Thank you Ariel and SAC.

4.) Week 1: http://wp.me/p27tHb-3

Week 2: http://wp.me/p27tHb-h

Week 3: http://wp.me/p27tHb-9

Week 4: http://wp.me/p27tHb-1g

Week 5: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2g

Week 6: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2k

Week 7: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2C

Week 8: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2H

Week 9: http://wp.me/p27tHb-2L